Additional requirements
PHP 7.4+
Compatible XF versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2

Improve user experience with live search in thread list 🎇​

The search field is embedded in the thread creation field for a streamlined user experience.
However, users can switch from the search mode to the creation mode with one click, allowing them to focus on creating a new topic or quickly search for an existing one.
In the search field, you can also filter threads by prefix.

Setup ℹ️​

Specify the forums in which Quick search will be active.
It can be done here: ACP –> Options –> Search options –> Quick search forums.

Live example 🌠

External calls​

When installing / rebuilding the add-on from your server, a call will be made to the servers to check for a license on your domain. At the same time, the following information about the request is stored on the servers: User Agent and the IP from which the request was made.
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