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Posted by benFF,

Real time threads: Typers div to its own template Under consideration 

Move the typers template out from the template modification and <xf:include> it as a regular template.

This will make it easier to edit :)
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Posted by rdn,

[021] Multi-account detector: Only flag those users when both FingerprintJS and IP are shared Under consideration 

FingerprintJS seems to produce false reports 80% of the time.
Can we integrate shared IP detection into it?

What I mean is that I only flag those users when both FingerprintJS and IP are shared.
Users with shared IPs have a 60–70% chance of being the same person.
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Posted by benFF,

Real time alerts - conversation support Under consideration 

As title - add support for conversation message alerts and auto updating of the counter in the header.
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Posted by benFF,

Real time conversations Not Interested 

I know you've just released your chat pack, but this is an idea for a more light weight add on.

Basically just the "real time threads" addon, but for conversations:
  1. User is typing block
  2. Live messages
  3. Live reactions
No need for new designs or popup windows - just leave conversations as they are with the added live bits.

You could then charge a smaller amount for this to catch the people that don't want the full chat pack :)
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Posted by NMTGSM,

AI Bots: User group selection for notifications Under consideration 

In the current version, permissions are set for user groups that have the right to use the bot.

I suggest adding another permission choice for a group (or groups) of users who don't have access rights, but to whom the bot responds by giving an announcement.

The add-on's settings could have a text field where the administrator could write a notice. Of course, it would be good to consider the language choices. Perhaps it would be easier to use phrases according to the languages, that would also be a perfectly functional solution.

The message would say that, unfortunately, you do not have sufficient access rights to use the bot. However, you can get them by getting a user upgrade and you can do that here <link>.

The bot would not react in any way to user groups that were not selected to receive a notification.
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Posted by MarenLBC,

[AI Bots] Ability to Adjust the Speed of AI Bot Responses Under consideration 

The AI Bots respond so quickly that it breaks immersion for forum users. When a user taps “submit” the bot already has a two paragraph response to their thread by time their page refreshes. It’s unnatural.

An option to delay responses to threads and posts by an admin selected timeframe. It could be set up like a scheduled post. When the response is sent back from ChatGPT to Xenforo a post can be scheduled for X minutes after [current time].

This will allow for more natural and less spammy feeling bots.
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Posted by nrep,

ChatGPT Title Suggestion - run on threads with title word count < X Under consideration 

It could be great if this addon could search for threads with less than x words in the title. For example, I want to run this against all threads with 2 words or less in the title, as these are the low-quality ones.
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Posted by urivil,

[021] Account Switcher: Saving the duplicate accounts Under consideration 

The "Switch Account" plugin is great for administrators and moderators who want to easily switch between their accounts, without having to log out and enter multiple passwords each time.
At the same time, currently after logging out of the user account, it will be necessary to log in again to all duplicate accounts and enter all their passwords.
I would like to add a feature that will save the duplicate accounts in the site's memory, so that even after disconnecting, when you reconnect to one of the duplicate accounts, you will have the option to switch between the other accounts without having to enter passwords.
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Posted by lifo,

ChatGPT Title Corrector Add-on: Adding words and punctuation to the blacklist Under consideration 

It would be nice if we could add a blacklist to the ChatGPT Title Corrector plugin and add things to this blacklist that we don't want suggested in the title. Some punctuation marks can also be annoying, optional punctuation marks can also be turned off.
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Posted by sevenmix,

ChatGPT Title Corrector Add-on: Custom Prompt for Title Creation with Emojis Under consideration 

I'd like to suggest an enhancement to the existing Auto-Title add-on. It would be great if we could add a custom prompt when creating titles, such as incorporating emojis into the titles. Emojis are valid characters, and Google displays them in search results. A title with an emoji at the beginning could be more eye-catching. Imagine hundreds of topics with engaging emojis in their titles. However, with the current Auto-Title add-on, we can't request the inclusion of emojis. Adding this feature would improve the appeal and visibility of our forum topics.
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