Real Time Threads

Real Time Threads 2.1.1

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Additional requirements
PHP 7.4+
[021] XenForo WebSockets 1.0.0+
Compatible XF versions
  1. 2.2


  • Provides real-time messaging in threads.
  • Provides real-time display of reactions.
  • Provides real-time content updates when editing a post.
  • Provides deletion of posts / update of their content when their status changes in real time.
  • Adds an "Activity" block to the bottom of the post list that displays users who are typing a message in a thread.
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First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 2.1.1

    Fixed: - Pen icon was missed
  2. 2.1.0

    Changed display location of users who typing a message Added the people number who are in the...
  3. 2.0.0

    Compatible with XenForo WebSockets 2.0.0+ Fixing an issue where some dates were not displaying...

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To be honest, i would rate this 10 stars if i could.
Would've rated this 10⭐s out of 10 if i could.😎