Real time chat

Real time chat 1.5.0

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Additional requirements
PHP 7.4+
Compatible XF versions
  1. 2.2

Instant messaging and speed 🚀​

These two points are the core of this add-on.
The Real time chat uses Long-Polling and Websockets technologies to ensure instant communication, which means that all events in the chat will occur with minimal delay for users.
Also, the built-in option "Fetch messages after page load" allows you to completely disable the effect of chat on page loading speed: initially, instead of messages, there will be their skeletons, then after a second, all messages will be loaded.

User typing feature ✏️​

Separately, I would like to highlight a function that displays in real time who is currently typing a message in the chat.

Designed for convenience 🤤​

Chat combines a minimalist design and maximum communication features.
Nothing extra. Convenient to use on mobile devices. Clear UI.

AI integrated 🤖​

The add-on has built-in support for the ChatGPT handler from AI Bots.
All bots created in AI Bots will be available in chat and will respond in real time.
This is the first chat on XenForo 2 to have this feature integrated.
* Bots will become active in the chat after configuring the chat prompt (Tuning) and enabling the bot in the chat context (Triggers).

Commands 🕹️​

The chat can process commands.
Two built-in commands:
/to @username – command for mention, highlights the message for the user who was mentioned.
Inserted by clicking on the user's avatar / nickname in the chat.
/pm @username – command for private messages between users. Messages sent with this command will only be visible to the recipient and sender.
/clear – clears the chat.
/clear @username – deletes user messages.
Inserted by double clicking on the user's avatar / nickname in the chat.
* Administrators do not have the ability to view private messages in chat. And it won't.

The add-on also has built-in tools for developing your own commands.

Much more 💬​

Let's do it Eminem style:
Sound notifications. Mention alerts. Plain input.
User banning. Message history. BB-code proccessing.
Message reporting!

Copyright ©️​

The add-on contains a link to in the chat header.
I tried to make it neat enough to fit into any design, so it shouldn't cause you any inconvenience.
However, if you want to add some uniqueness to your forum, you can purchase the right to remove this copyright.
After purchase, you will only need to disable this option in the options.
When you try to disable copyright, your server will make a request to to check if you have a license for your domain

Testing 🚀​

Of course, you can test it on, where, among other things, CatGPT is available ;)

Setup ▶️​

Chat has two technologies for providing communication between users: AJAX Long-Polling and Websockets.
AJAX Long-Polling does not require additional configuration after installation, but it does not work as fast as Websockets.
Websockets requires additional Nginx configuration and manipulation on the server: check it out in the guide.

Also, for those who want more convenience and less work, I offer an add-on installation service. Its cost is $30.

External calls​

When you try to disable copyright, a call will be made to the servers to check for a license on your domain. At the same time, the following information about the request is stored on the servers: User Agent and the IP from which the request was made.
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