Real-Time Chat

Revolution in the communication on forums.


Easy Setup

Based on XenForo Websockets. Does not require any additional configuration on the server. Just upload the add-on archive in the ACP and click "Install".


The delay between sending a message and receiving it is calculated in milliseconds. This applies to all events occurring in the chat.


Most of the ideas were borrowed from Telegram, the messenger with the most user-friendly interface in the world.


Supports all forum features and event more: reactions, quotes, mentions, smiles, BB-codes, reports and more.


Does not overload the server even on the largest forums. Works smoothly even on the weakest devices.

Unique Features

Translating with ChatGPT, private messages, rooms, channels, draggable popup, sound notifications and more.

AI Integration

Fully supports the functionality of AI Bots – multifunctional programmable bots based on ChatGPT and DALL-E 2. Also supports stream typing.


Has 10 built-in themes. The default theme automatically adapts to the style colors. Themes can be edited in the style properties.

Individual Customization

The theme of the room can be changed individually or for everyone. Also, the user can set his own wallpaper for messages.