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AI Bots – a Revolution in Community Management


The add-on itself provides a powerful framework for implementing custom bots that can interact with your forum.
The bot setups as follows: you specify the name of an existing user to which the bot will be attached and select a handler. Further setting depends on the handler. Let's look at two handlers that are currently implemented in the add-on:


Best for communication​

The handler processes messages using the ChatGPT 3.5 model and generates a response given the prompt it is configured with. Able to take into account the context of up to 10 messages. Designed to communicate with users in different ways and for different purposes.


Customize the behavior of your bot, the quality of its responses or the available context. All this is flexibly customized for different places on the forum.

ChatGPT – Prompts.png


Global limits for the bot. For example, here you can limit the number of replies to thread, select nodes or user groups for which the bot will work.

ChatGPT – Restrictions.png


This tab helps you customize the bot's reactions. Don't want the bot to react to quotes but react to mentions? Just disable the trigger. If you want the bot to react when the message contains the words "What does the AI think about this", just go to ChatGPT, ask him to compose a regular expression for the text containing this phrase and paste it into the "Regexes" setting. Also here you can configure where the bot will respond to messages.

ChatGPT – Triggers.png

GPT Dall-E​

Using ChatGPT to transform the user message into the best prompt and DALL·E 2 to generate images​

This handler combines two artificial intelligence systems to produce the most suitable images. If for some reason the image was not generated, the bot will respond with a relevant message, suggesting where such images can be found.

Why it not immediately use DALL·E 2 generate images?​

DALL·E 2 is not good enough at natural language processing, it only understands descriptions for pictures, so when the user writes "@ImageBot, give me 10 big images with bird" to the bot, it will generate such an image
10 Bird Images Bug.jpg

But pre-processing with ChatGPT allows us to achieve the correct result
10 Bird Images Fixed.jpg


It has the same settings as ChatGPT handler except for the Prompts tab - you won't be able to adjust the bot's behavior for this handler.

Image restrictions​

Configure size and count for images generation.

GPT Dall-E – Image restrictions.png

Framework ambitions​

The add-on can be used not only as a bot for communication or image generation. It provides a code base for developers who want to implement their own bots and integrate existing ones with minimal effort. Everything will be well-documented and friendly to third-party developers, which will attract a community that will generate new handler implementations.

Some examples:

Real time chat integration​

To integrate bots into the chat add-on, we needed only ~150 lines of code instead of ~1100 in the case of implementing the same bots directly in the add-on.

Custom handler ideas​

Scheduled content generator (ChatGPT + DALL·E 2): A handler that will generate contents based on the prompt. For example, "Please generate 10 threads in the Developer Guides category tomorrow during the day, attaching one to three illustrations to them."
Permission changer (ChatGPT): A handler that will set permissions for the user based on the prompt. For example, "Please make it so that only administrators have access to the Staff section".
Warniger (ChatGPT): A handler that will issue warnings to posts based on forum rules.


A flexible permission system allows you to correctly configure access to the bot. In addition to the restrictions that can be configured directly for the bot, you can also configure restrictions for the handler. For example, you can limit the number of uses of the Dall-E GPT handler in thread per day for a specific group of users or even a single user.

ChatGPT – Permissions.png
GPT Dall-E – Permissions.png

How to get access to the beta?​

Access to the beta is free and does not oblige you to purchase a license after the end of testing, if you do not plan to use the add-on.
But in order to gain access, you must meet the following conditions:
☑️ Have a license for ChatGPT Autoresponder
☑️ ChatGPT Autoresponder was installed on the forum and actively used for at least a week
☑️ (optional) It will be a plus if you have an idea for a new handlers and want to immediately order its development

If you want to participate and meet all the prerequisites, please mention the @JoinBeta bot in this thread.
Note: even if you meet the criteria, you may not be selected to participate in testing.

Recruitment for participation will last three days from the date of publication of this message.
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Mar 18, 2023
@JoinBeta Hello, I am a forum administrator from Cuba and I would like to participate in the AI Bots Beta Registration. I am interested in giving a personality to the bot, and customize it to the needs of my site. I have no affiliation with the Cuban government. In fact, I am an exile who lives in the US.
Mar 6, 2023
@JoinBeta yes indeed please. We are actively using ChatGPT Autoresponder and currently having a lot of user feedback.

I think it would be very useful to try this and see how it works for us


Jun 11, 2020

Feedback collection begins 💬

Clients who have received test access, you can start writing reviews in a special thread, a link to which is in the description of [021] AI Bots.

Huge Buff Released 🆕

New update for beta testers. Lots of tasty features 😋

ChatGPT node prompts 🆕

Added the ability to specify a prompt individually for nodes. This will allow you to upload the necessary information to the bot to answer non-general questions. These prompts completely replace the global bot thread prompt.
See screenshots for details.

Posted in... trigger for posts 🆕

The trigger allows you to activate an automatic response to all messages posted in the selected nodes.

Private appeal trigger for conversation messages 🆕

The trigger allows a bot to reply to all messages in a conversation if only a bot and an user are its recipients.

Smart ignore 🆕

Enabling this option instructs the bot to ignore messages that are not intended for it. For instance, if the bot is set up to respond to all messages in a forum, but users can also communicate with each other, the bot will ignore messages from users that don't refer to it, despite mentions or other triggers.

Please note that this feature is experimental and cannot guarantee 100% results. However, reducing the context of the bot can significantly improve its performance.

By activating this option, 59 tokens will be added to each request. However, it can save tokens on the output for messages that don't require a response and makes the bot much smarter.

The option can be activated separately for threads and conversations.

Smaller changes 🆕

New prompt variables: {date} and {time}
Possibility to deactivate bots in a thread (Need to set permissions)


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