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    [021] Paid content

    Hello. Unfortunately, I can't accept paypal payments :(
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    [BS] Multi-account detector

    Hello. In the near future I will check for compatibility with PHP 8.1 and release an update if necessary.
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    [BS] Multi-account detector

    Hello. You cannot make a multi-account from anyone, because the added records are tied to the account from which you are authorized, and it is impossible to guess the fingerprint and evercookie values for another account that you do not own.
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    [BS] Litecoin payment - 1.0.2

    Features Added new rate source – coingecko
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    [BS] Litecoin payment

    021 updated [BS] Litecoin payment with a new update entry: 1.0.2 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    [BS] Crypto payment powered by

    Hello. When you fill in the wallet and the amount, a field appears below with the total withdrawal cost, including commissions. Make sure you have enough funds on your balance to cover commissions.
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    [BS] Live forum statistics

    Go to the thread -> Click on three dots -> Pinning thread in statistics -> Mark "Unpin thread" -> Save
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    [021] Thread up (bump)

    Hello. Just update the add-on to the latest version :)
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    [021] Thread up (bump) - 2.1.0

    Now you can display thread up button in quick reply form
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    [021] Thread up (bump)

    021 updated [021] Thread up (bump) with a new update entry: 2.1.0 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    [021] Payment provider tax 1.0.0

    With this add-on, you will be able to assign additional commissions for each payment profile. A tax percentage will be added to the final amount of the payment. For example, if the cost of an upgrade is $100, and the commission is set at 10%, then the user will pay $110.
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    [021] Payment provider tax

    021 submitted a new resource: [021] Payment provider tax - Adds the ability to set up an additional commission for each payment profile. Read more about this resource...
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    [021] Thread up (bump)

    Hello. As stated in the description: thread up does not affect anything other than the position of the thread in lists sorted by last post date, therefore you have nothing to worry about :) // Героям слава! ♥️
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    [021] Quick search 1.0.0

    Just watch the GIF below and see how convenient it is :)
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    [021] Quick search

    021 submitted a new resource: [021] Quick search - Adds a handy AJAX search to the thread list Read more about this resource...
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    [BS] Live forum statistics

    Add this code to extra.less template .lfs { .action-buttons { display: none; } }
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    [BS] Live forum statistics

    Uncheck Enable second data display for thread items checkbox in style properties (ACP -> Appearance -> Style properties -> Live forum statistics content)
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    [BS] Live forum statistics

    Hello. To do this, you need to change value of the height property to auto in style settings (ACP -> Appearance -> Style properties -> Live forum statistics content -> Tab group content). Then the widget's height will be limited by the max-height property.
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    [BS] Multi-account detector

    Hello. Fill "Thread report duplicate creator" option to fix it
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    [021] Thread up (bump) - 2.0.3

    Fixed Threads raised were above all other threads regardless of creation date