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    [BS] Bitcoin payment

    021 updated [BS] Bitcoin payment with a new update entry: 1.1.0 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    [BS] Bitcoin payment - 1.1.0

    New features: Withdraw funds directly from the ACP View server transactions in the ACP
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    [BS] Thread up

    . К сожалению, нет
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    [BS] Hidden content BB-codes

    .да, действительно. В следующем обновлении сделаю возможность настройки прав для отдельных разделов.
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    [BS] Hidden content BB-codes

    .да, для каждого раздела отдельно настраиваются права. Просто установите "Да" на права игнорирования тегов для нужной группы в нужном разделе.
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    [BS] Bitcoin payment 1.1.0

    The add-on allows you to accept payment in Bitcoin to your server, without third-party services. To convert currency to bitcoin, the Blockchain rate is used. If you have problems configuring the Bitcoin core, I can offer you a service for installing and configuring the Bitcoin core for $10. It...
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    [BS] Bitcoin payment

    021 submitted a new resource: [BS] Bitcoin payment - Bitcoin payment gateway Read more about this resource...
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    [BS] Jabber notifications 1.0.0

    Features: Duplicate forum alerts to Jabber Notifications of new conversations, replies and invites Each notification has its own template in the format jabber_{contentType}_{action} User can enable / disable notifications in Jabber Each server error can be translated...
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    [BS] Jabber notifications

    021 submitted a new resource: [BS] Jabber notifications - Notifications to users in Jabber Read more about this resource...
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    [BS] Matchmaking 1.0.0

    This add-on helps people find partners to play their favorite games on any platform together. Friendly UI, guest posting, many games and platforms - so you can describe it in short form. In addition to the large list of already available games after installation, you can add your games. Quick...
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    [BS] Matchmaking

    021 submitted a new resource: [BS] Matchmaking - Find new people to play your favourite games with! Read more about this resource...
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    [BS] Visitor progress panel 1.0.2 Patch 1

    This is an improved visitor panel, which displays the number of messages and reactions until the next promotion (admin.php?user-group-promotions/). Note: For administrators and moderators, progress is always 100%. Note 2: The widget is added here admin.php?widgets/
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    [BS] Visitor progress panel

    021 submitted a new resource: [BS] Visitor progress panel - User progress bar until the next promotion. Read more about this resource...
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    [BS] Coronavirus statistics 1.0.1b

    Features: Country statistics Show: flag, country, cases, today cases, deaths, today deaths, recovered, active, critical Sort by: country/cases/today cases/deaths/today deaths/recovered/active/critical Limiting displayed countries Selecting countries which be displayed Numbers statistics...
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    [BS] Coronavirus statistics

    021 submitted a new resource: [BS] Coronavirus statistics - Display statistics of coronavirus Read more about this resource...
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    [BS] Hidden content BB-codes 1.2.4a

    The main goals of this addon are to: Promote user interaction Reward users who contribute Monetize your forum This add-on achieves this by adding BB-codes similar to spoiler tags which you use to limit who can view specific content. Content can be hidden or displayed to users based on their...
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    [BS] Hidden content BB-codes

    021 submitted a new resource: [BS] Hidden content BB-codes - Creation of hidden content by criteria. Read more about this resource...
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    [BS] Reputation 1.0.9b

    This addon adds a traditional reputation feature to XenForo 2. With this addon users can give reputation points to other users similarly to how they can use reactions. This addon will help you: keep your users engaged reward users for contributing provide incentives for good posts penalize...
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    [BS] Reputation

    021 submitted a new resource: [BS] Reputation - Reputation system Read more about this resource...
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    [BS] Multi-account detector 1.3.1a

    Detection methods Fingerprintjs (~70%) Evercookie (100%) Options Permissions Reports