• Map of war crimes committed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine
    Civilian damage
    • Over 208 children killed
    • Over 2345 civilians killed
    • Bucha massacre
    • Over 2919 civilians injured
    • Over 200 schools damaged
    • Over 1500 residential buildings damaged
    • Over 104 hospitals damaged

    To all developers: restrict access to your products for russians. Many people have the illusion in their heads that the russians have nothing to do with it, but their government is to blame for everything. This war has huge support among the population of Russia, it is supported by 74% of citizens. This is not only propaganda work, it is a conscious choice of russians. Now is the 21st century, everyone has the Internet, it is impossible not to notice what is happening in Ukraine, but despite this, society in the Russian Federation approves of this. Are there still justifications for cooperating with the russians? Tell this to the residents of besieged Mariupol, who bury people in their yards.

    Just to all: rape, murder and torture - that's what the Russian army is doing in Ukraine. Demand from your government the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine. Demand an oil and gas embargo. We must stop them.

    Don't work with Russians until Putin's regime is overthrown. Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦
[BS] Live forum statistics

[BS] Live forum statistics 1.2.1

- I have installed the add-on, but the widget is not showing.
- After installing the add-on, you need to configure the permissions to view the widget.

- How to create a tab?
- Go to Admin control panel -> Live forum statistics -> Tabs -> Add tab

- I created a new tab, but it does not appear. What to do?
- In each statistics widget, the tabs that need to be displayed are separately configured. Just find the widget you need in the control panel (/admin.php?widgets/) and check the new tab

- I want to highlight a link or thread with a color, how can I do this?
- There are several options for solving your question, here are each of them:

1. If you want your users to be able to buy color highlighting
You need to go to the specified path: Admin Control Panel -> Live forum statistics -> Pinned attributes -> Add attribute and add an attribute by filling it in as follows

Done! A user can now specify their color when purchasing a pinning link or thread.

2. If you want to specify a color for the pinned link
You need to go to the specified path: Admin Control Panel -> Live forum statistics -> Pinned links -> Edit link
And just fill extra attribute like follows

3. If you want to specify a color for the pinned thread
Make sure you have the right titled "Pin / unpin thread in statistics"
Go to a thread
Click on the three dots under the thread title on the right
Fill in the extra attribute according to the example of the variant above ⬆️

- How to add icons to tabs?
- You can do it with CSS. Here is code example. just copy this, adapt it to your needs and paste it into the extra.less template.
.lfs {
    .tabGroup--threads { // `threads` is group id
        .tabs-container .tab {
            &:before {
                font-weight: 400;
            &--latest_posts { // `latest_posts` is tab id
                .m-faBefore(@fa-var-comments); // icon name from FontAwesome site in format `@fa-var-icon-name`
            &--new_threads { // `new_threads` is tab id
            &--hottest_threads { // `hottest_threads` is tab id
            &--most_viewable { // `most_viewable` is tab id
            &--my_threads { // `my_threads` is tab id