[021] ChatGPT Spam Filter

[021] ChatGPT Spam Filter 1.1.0

Additional requirements
[021] ChatGPT Framework 1.2.0+
Compatible XF versions
  1. 2.2

I am excited to offer you a solution to help you combat spam on your forum.

This add-on is designed to seamlessly integrate with XenForo's standard spam filter system and utilizes the ChatGPT API to quickly and accurately filter out spam messages in real-time.

I understand the importance of keeping your forum spam-free and how it impacts the user experience. That's why I have worked tirelessly to create an add-on that is easy to install and use, giving you the flexibility to customize your spam-filtering approach to suit your needs.

How it works?

Without delving into the details of the implementation, the add-on sends the text and other information about the post to ChatGPT and asks to determine whether it is spam or not. If the probability that the message is spam is low, the message will be posted. If the message looks suspicious, but not guaranteed to be spam, it will be sent for moderation. If the message is guaranteed to look like spam, it will also go to moderation. The last item can be configured in options so that messages will be rejected immediately.

Will the add-on check all posted messages?​

No. XenForo has a "Maximum messages to check for spam" option to avoid checking for spam messages from users who are definitely not spammers. This add-on respects this option.

Important notes​

🔴 This add-on requires [021] ChatGPT Framework installed and an OpenAI service key.
🔴 OpenAI may charge a fee for using their API.
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