• "Allowed payment profiles" option did not work correctly
You can now set up the creation of a conversation when purchasing paid content!

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  • (src/addons/BS/PaidContent/XF/Attachment/Post.php:39) Converting a value of hidden attachments to an array
  • Missing can_open_for_free field in xf_bspc_paid_content table after clean install
  • Null pointer exception on calling Forum prop in PaidContent entity
Added integration with [DBTech] DragonByte Credits add-on. Now you can set up accruals for your users for selling content. Read more in the FAQ section.

  • Exception when try to purchase paid content


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Added the possibility of free content openings per day
Now you can give permission to your users to open paid content for free a limited number of times per day. You can set this permission for an individual forum or for all forums. If you want to set a ban on opening paid content for free in a certain thread, you just need to uncheck "Can be opened for free" when creating or editing a thread.

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  • Incorrect behavior related to permission to view paid content
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