New option: Reply on thread author quotes only – If enabled, the bot will only respond to messages from an author of a thread containing a quote of a bot's message.
New permission: Max replies per thread – Allows limiting the number of available replies in a thread for specific user groups. The permission is also available in node permissions.


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GPT-4 models support
You will be able to use this model only if you have been granted access to it.


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Fixed an issue that resulted in the bot not responding to threads that were moderated before posting
Lightweight refactoring

What's new​

Option to enable checking bot messages for spam
Option to set the default value for the field "Allow AI replies"
Autoresponder permissions (Can be configured individually for sections)
Lightweight refactoring

Don't forget to adjust permissions after this update ;)


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This version requires the installed add-on [021] ChatGPT Framework 1.2.0+

Added the "Max responses per thread" option, which will allow you to limit the number of bot responses in one topic.
Values for "Temperature" option are limited to values from 0 to 1 with 0.1 step.
The bot's context is limited to the last 10 posts before the post it is replying to. This is done to avoid the token limit in long threads.
Now the error logs will contains a response from OpenAI, which will allow you to find out a more accurate reason for the lack of a response from the bot.
Add-on renamed to [021] ChatGPT Autoresponder.
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Now you can fully communicate with the bot using quotes!

He fully holds the context of the topic and answers clarifying questions. Supports multiple quotes in one post.
Added the ability to explicitly specify in which language the bot should respond.
A bug was also fixed due to which users did not receive notifications about the bot's response to their message.

* This update requires the installed version of add-on [021] ChatGPT Bots 1.1.0+


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