[021] XenForo WebSockets

[021] XenForo WebSockets 1.2.1

Removed check for installed soketi on the server when installing daemons
Added /bin/bash prefix to avoid "Executable path is not absolute, ignoring" error
Built-in Docker support: now the websocket server can be run even on non-soketi compatible OS (such as CentOS 7).
Updated documentation.
Updated config for supervisorctl in setup helper script to properly stop soketi server processes.

For those who have already configured the soketi service on supervisorctl, it is recommended to do the following:
  • Stop soketi service supervisorctl stop soketi.your_domain.com
  • Kill all soketi server process: pkill -f soketi
  • Add the following content to the service config (usually located in one of the folders: /etc/supervisor/conf.d, /etc/supervisor.d, /usr/local/etc/supervisor.d):
  • Reload supervisor: supervisorctl reload
  • The service should start automatically.
Now the user is not shown an error if the server side failed to contact the websocket server.
An errors will still be written to the error log.
Fixed issues with Pusher API
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Installation easing update​

  • Added a bash script for manipulating the websocket server: it will install Soketi and configure the daemon for you. Read more in the updated documentation.
  • Fixed incorrect operation of the "Pusher host" option when using a separate server for run websocket server.


  • When using Pusher.com, an error could occur with the host.
  • When using Pusher.com, channels might not work.