[021] AI Bots – ChatGPT, DALL-E 2

[021] AI Bots – ChatGPT, DALL-E 2 1.2.0

Important ℹ️

This version requires the installed add-on [021] ChatGPT Framework 1.5.0+

Bot profile handling 🙆‍♂️

Bots can now reply to posts (and comments) on their profile – the perfect place to communicate with AI.
New permissions have also been added:
In connection with this innovation, new permissions have been added for both handlers:
Use bots in their profiles – Allow user to receive replies from bots in their profiles.
Max replies in bot profile per day – Limits the maximum number of replies for a user in a bot profile.

CatGPT Profile.png

Minor changes 🤏

Bots no longer respond to messages from other bots.
Now when the bot responds, its latest activity is updated and the online status is also displayed.


  • ChatGPT – Permissions.png
    ChatGPT – Permissions.png
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  • ChatGPT – Tuning bot profile.png
    ChatGPT – Tuning bot profile.png
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  • GPT Dall-E – Permissions.png
    GPT Dall-E – Permissions.png
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  • Triggers – Context.png
    Triggers – Context.png
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Updated minimum requirements
ChatGPT Framework 1.4.0+

GPT-4 models support for ChatGPT and GPT Dall-E both
You will be able to use this model only if you have been granted access to it.

For the ChatGPT handler in the Tuning tab, settings for different contexts are now in collapsible blocks

This will improve convenience.

For developers
Added service for streaming bot responses from ChatGPT.
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Fixed: Some template modifications might not apply to new versions of XenForo
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Now when permissions associated with reply limits are set to 0 (default value), they are not ignored.
Fixed a error that occurred when triggering a GPT Dall-E based bot in private messages
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